How to Transfrom Your Company Culture

Season #3

Does your companies culture keep you up at night? There’s a reason why company culture has become such a big focus for companies both large and small. Studies show, time and time again, that culture can make or break performance, team cohesion, employee retention, and recruitment. Is it Time to Rethink Your Company Culture? Maybe even time to transform your company culture? If you’re thinking about making a proactive move to enhance your company culture, that’s certainly not a bad idea—but wait. You have to be strategic, and to lay a foundation for long-lasting cultural change. Trying to implement big cultural changes overnight can backfire, causing too much stress on your business or simply not producing results that endure. The question should be what should you be thinking about as you are considering reshaping and transforming your company culture? Here are a few recommendations about where to start. Please subscribe to our channel and like and share this video with others who are looking to transform their culture! Also watch till the end to receive a special bonus to assess your culture today! #1Think about cultural visibility. Culture isn’t just a set of buzzwords you write down on a sheet of paper. Culture should be something your employees and customers can see through your daily actions and behaviors. How do you as a leader show what your culture is? And how does your team embody those same values? Think practically, not just abstractly. #2 Think in terms of why. Why do you want to change your culture? What are the results you’re hoping for? What are the values you want everyone aligned with? Before making a big change to your culture, be clear with everyone about why you’re doing it, and try to get the full team on board with your decision. #3Think about the past. Not everyone likes change. In fact, some employees may be reluctant to let go of company traditions or habits. Be respectful of this and try to recognize and affirm the good things that your company should hold on to. #4 think about emotions. A good culture should provide a space where everyone in the organization can express themselves freely, without fear or dread. As you think about cultural changes, make sure you’re leaving space for people to think and speak openly. #5 Think about engagement. What will you do to get everyone at the company involved in the new culture? How will you ensure that it’s widely adopted? That’s always a key concern when thinking about changing the values or vision of your workplace. So how do you build a great culture—one that empowers team members and helps bring new customers into the fold? According to a recent Gallup poll, “ As a leader You have to believe any team member, on any given day, can create new customers and save the company with an idea or breakthrough.” A true team dynamic can only be attained when there’s a strong leader in place. “Remarkably, 70 percent of the variance between lousy, good and great cultures can be found in the knowledge, skills and talent of the team leader,” Gallup says. “Not the players, but the team leader.” What’s the first step? Change your leadership philosophy. Rather than try to micromanage and control, try to empower, to develop team members according to their strengths. Your leadership style should be “high development, high purpose and build the teams strengths with leadership coaching Make structural changes. Specifically, change your expectations for team leaders. Make it a priority for them to actively coach their employees, and to touch base with them at least once weekly. An example would be the morning huddle. Get buy-in from the Board/executive leadership team. Let them know you’re moving from a controlling leadership style to an empowering one—and that you’re doing so, ultimately, because you believe that’s how to grow the company. When you begin to implement these changes you will be transforming your organization and the end result will be customer satisfaction, employee engagement and retention which will lead to a great corporate culture that gets results. So Take the culture assesment in the link below and see how your culture stacks up!