Subtle Signs of a Cultural Weakness

Season #3

Subtle Signs of a Weak Company Culture Quite often, if we look close enough the telltale signs of a weak company culture are there for everyone to see. Sometimes, when your company culture is in jeopardy, it’s pretty obvious. Maybe you have employees leaving by droves. Or maybe you have a morale problem that is palpable. But in other instances, the signs of trouble may be more subtle. You may not even recognize them until it’s too late. Let me share with you a few examples How a Weak Company Culture Will Cause You Problems 1 Nobody ever talks about improvement or growth. You’ve probably heard the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” There’s some truth to that, yet I’d also say there’s something dangerous about a company that’s content with business as usual. If there is no talk whatsoever of growth, innovation, or process improvement, that ultimately points back to a very stagnant culture. 2 You have employees who never speak up, because they are too afraid. When’s the last time you had employees come to you with ideas? Feedback? Constructive criticism, even? If your employees never speak up, perhaps it’s because they’re afraid you won’t like it and will retaliate. That’s not the kind of culture you want to have. 3 Collaborations are very siloed. Having zero collaboration in your company is a very obvious problem. A subtler one is having collaborations that happen only within teams or divisions. What you really want is people working together across departments. That’s the sign of a truly collaborative culture. 4 Nobody ever takes risks. In a healthy company culture, employees feel free to fail—to take big swings, even if it ends up going south. If you have employees who dutifully do their work but never color outside the lines, that may point to some cultural issues. 5 Your instinct tells you there’s something wrong. Finally, just listen to your gut or as call it Jimeny Cricket. Do you feel like there’s a problem with your company culture? If so, that may be your subconscious trying to tell you something. Listen, and spend some time thinking about what might be wrong. These are just a few examples of how company cultures can exhibit subtle signs of weakness. But the good news is, all of them are fixable. The next time you feel like your culture comes up short, each out to me to talk about some possible fixes. I hope you enjoyed this short lesson. please subscribe to our channel and if you learned something please like the video and remember sharing is caring. Thank you very much for tuning in and always remember we get paid for solutions and results so keep making it happen!