Rick’s presentations are highly customized and include step-by-step strategies and actionable solutions that can be applied to an endless range of workplace challenges.  To help as you form ideas before scheduling a planning call with Rick for your upcoming association convention, annual conference or kick-off meeting, here is an example of one of his most requested speeches.


Ever wonder why it feels like we're always playing catch up, chasing after solutions to the same old problems?

In the competitive arena of business leadership, the focus often tilts towards crisis management and problem-solving, leading to an endless cycle of challenges.

The world's leading corporations and associations have recognized this paradox and are breaking free from it.

Introducing "The Solutions Oriented Leader" – a revolutionary keynote speech or workshop grounded in wisdom and inspired by Dr Rick Goodman’s best-selling book.

Imagine cultivating a work culture that's a magnet for top talent, a place where your best employees feel valued and stick around. With "The Solutions Oriented Leader", your organization can harness the benefits of a culture that champions creativity and innovation, dramatically increasing employee engagement.

This methodology paves the way for a productive work environment that thrives on positivity and success. That's the power of "Thinking in Solutions."

Discover how to transform your thinking, optimize your assets, and accelerate your connectivity, enabling you to strike a world-class balance in your business and life.

By embracing the "Solutions Oriented" mindset, you position yourself to take control of your destiny, exude success, and inspire your team. This mindset becomes your organization's playbook, promoting productivity, boosting employee engagement, and nurturing a happy work environment.

Key Take aways:

  • Embrace transformational leadership tools, enabling you to communicate your vision effectively and participate as an invaluable partner in your organization's strategic planning process.
  • Uncover specific techniques to develop and utilize key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring achievement of your organization's strategic goals and objectives.
  • Master the art of developing and executing business plans that align seamlessly with your organization's strategic initiatives.
  • Become a beacon of positive change. Transform into a "Solutions Oriented Leader" and watch as your world transforms around you. Welcome to a new era of leadership!

  Are you ready to become a Solutions Oriented Leader? Your journey starts right here!

30-120 minutes

May be expanded to half-day, highly interactive seminars and workshops – or combined in a customized manner specific to your organization’s unique needs to create highly engaging programs.

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Robert Smother Conference Manager, Future Business Leaders of America