Rick’s presentations are highly customized and include step-by-step strategies and actionable solutions that can be applied to an endless range of workplace challenges.  To help as you form ideas before scheduling a planning call with Rick for your upcoming association convention, annual conference or kick-off meeting, here is an example of one of his most requested speeches.



Are you ready to thrive in today's fast-changing business landscape? Turn challenges into triumphs, and create a future filled with growth and success?

"The Adaptability Zone" ®, where innovation, transformation, and growth converge to create a pathway to success even amidst uncertainty.

In today's ever-evolving business landscape, we find ourselves facing a myriad of challenges, from rapid technological advancements to unpredictable market shifts. It is no secret that uncertainty and fear have become the norm. However, in every crisis lies an opportunity—a chance to turn adversity into advantage and propel your organization towards unparalleled growth.

The world is changing faster than ever before, and the key to survival lies in our ability to adapt.

Is your association or company ready to thrive in today's fast-changing business landscape? Turn challenges into triumphs and create a future filled with growth and success? Then seize the opportunity to elevate your next conference or corporate meetings with our transformative program!

In our ever-evolving world, uncertainty and fear have become part of everyday life. But fear not! "The Adaptability Zone" ® keynote speech or training workshop is here to equip your attendees with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to transform crises into catalysts for growth.

Dr Rick Goodman will inspire and empower your audience to embrace adaptability and thrive in the face of ambiguity. They will learn how to turn adversity into opportunity, leverage change to their advantage, and propel your association or business towards new heights of success.


Key Takeaways 

 Embracing Crisis as a Catalyst: Discover how to turn challenges into opportunities and leverage adversity to fuel your organization's growth and success.

 Creating Business Growth Opportunities: Uncover the secrets to generating new and exciting opportunities that will propel your association or corporation towards prosperity.

Transformative Thinking and Optimization: Explore the power of transformational thinking and learn how to unlock the full potential of your organization.

Specialized Cross-Functional Teams: Foster collaboration by building specialized teams that identify strategic growth opportunities and deliver unmatched value to your customers.

Cultivating an Innovative Culture: Empower creativity within your organization, fostering a culture that embraces change and turns challenges into steppingstones towards success.

Inspiring Leadership Traits: Learn the essential traits of inspiring leaders who build exceptional teams and ignite unwavering motivation.

Connecting with the New Consumer Psyche: Stay ahead of the curve by understanding and connecting with the ever-changing consumer psyche.

Proven Techniques for Sustainable Success: Gain time-tested techniques to keep your passion ignited and your momentum unstoppable on the path to sustainable success.

Take Action Now! 

Elevate your association conference or corporate meetings to new heights with "The Adaptability Zone" ® keynote speech! Provide your attendees with an unforgettable experience that equips them with the tools of adaptability and empowers them to thrive in today's dynamic world.

30-120 minutes

May be expanded to half-day, highly interactive seminars and workshops – or combined in a customized manner specific to your organization’s unique needs to create highly engaging programs.

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“Your presentation was thought provoking, energetic, interactive, and left a lasting impression on all that attended.”

~ Nancy Strong-Roberts Area Executive Director, American Cancer Society