Rick’s presentations are highly customized and include step-by-step strategies and actionable solutions that can be applied to an endless range of workplace challenges.  To help as you form ideas before scheduling a planning call with Rick for your upcoming association convention, annual conference or kick-off meeting, here is an example of one of his most requested speeches.


In the high-stakes game of life and business, having a strategic game plan is not just beneficial; it's essential. Drawing from the deep insights of the best-selling book of the same name, we bring you the transformative keynote program, "Living a Championship Life: A Game Plan for Success".

Imagine getting an insider's look at the building blocks of championship teams. Imagine delving into Dr. Rick Goodman's extensive experience working with Super Bowl, Professional Soccer, and NBA championship organizations.

It's time for your organization to step into the championship arena with "Living a Championship Life: A Game Plan for Success".

You’ll discover how to "Transform Your Thinking, Optimize Your Assets and Accelerate Your Connectivity" within your team and with your clients.

"Living a Championship Life" delves into the heart of success, dissecting what it means to be a champion in all aspects of life. This keynote program equips you with the strategies and mindset needed to transform dreams into accomplishments.

Discover how to leverage your innate abilities, chart your success roadmap, and cultivate an environment that nurtures peak performance. Envision a future where your organization is not just a workplace, but a thriving hub of champions, each contributing to a shared vision of success.

You'll uncover the three straightforward strategies these successful organizations utilized to build their triumphant teams. Your attendees will leave not only inspired and motivated but armed with actionable solutions to create their championship team!

Championship athletes, successful teams, and the world's most accomplished individuals share a common thread - they all operate with a game plan for ultimate victory! Your organization, too, needs a clear sense of direction, a defined set of goals, and a roadmap to achieve them.

But that's not all - you also need a coach, someone who can guide you, help you formulate the plan, and call the shots. That's where Dr. Rick Goodman shines. His unparalleled experience as a medical practitioner working with world-renowned athletic teams, coupled with his prowess as a motivational speaker, positions him uniquely to guide enterprises to success.

Dr. Rick understands the value of a strategic game plan and is ready to equip your team with the roadmap you need to achieve your goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover championship principles and how to implement them in your life and professional career for unmatched success.
  • Understand the importance of strategic planning and goal setting to turn visions into realities and obstacles into opportunities.
  • Cultivate a winning mindset that fosters resilience, drives innovation, and creates a culture of excellence.

Get an insider's view of what it takes to become a champion with Dr. Rick Goodman's Keynote on Game Plan Solutions. Having worked with world champions like the Super Bowl Champion St. Louis Rams and the World Champion Miami Heat, Dr. Rick is ready to share his insights on the path to a championship life.

Start living your championship life today because success is no accident - it's a well-executed game plan.

30-120 minutes

May be expanded to half-day, highly interactive seminars and workshops – or combined in a customized manner specific to your organization’s unique needs to create highly engaging programs.

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"On behalf of the members of the NCBA, I want to extend our thanks for your participations in the 112th Annual Convention at The Atlantic, Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The time you took out of your schedule to be with us was greatly appreciated and your meaningful presentation was well received by all in attendance. Again, thank you for helping make this even the success that is was!”

Thad Woodard President and CEO, North Carolina Bankers Association